Favorite Red Flowered Bulbs--TOW & tuberous begonias

DEBRA BURGESS trogon777@sprynet.com
Thu, 17 Jun 2004 19:59:28 PDT
I, too, enjoy crocosmia.  We grew a dark orange variety for several years,
but it was going to take over!  Brought a few bulbs in from the back woods
so don't know the variety, but they sure were hardy.  My favorite part was
how the slender leaves sort of quivered in the breeze.  Watched it out the
kitchen window.  Got a few Lucifers last year so we shall see if they dance
as well.  There is a big article in Horticulture magazine about crocosmia
this month.
I know I have probably asked before, but are there any tuberous begonia
enthusiasts out there?
Debra Burgess
Lake Stevens, WA

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