Please Help Name This Aroid

Fri, 04 Jun 2004 08:38:32 PDT

It sounds a lot like the wild jack in the pulpits we have at our house in
but I wouldn't swear to it. Ours are growing very conveniently in the wooded
part of the garden so it's "aroma" won't offend anyone. What you described
almost exactly what we have however.

Regards (From beautifully sunny Boston...finally!!!!!)
Fred Biasella

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I have this weird plant growing in my garden. I remember planting it but
cannot find the label. It has been in the ground at least two years so
clearly is winter-hardy (especially after the last one!)

Growing in shade. About 3 feet tall, leaves arising from spotted petiole/
stem, moderately finely cut, dark green with prominent white chevron-shaped

The spathe is huge, tightly rolled, maroon edge. I think the inside will be
maroon when it opens. I've been checking it every day and this morning
noticed that the spadix is beginning to protrude from the rolled-up spathe.
It is going to have a stench like a long-dead deer, a large one, very long
dead. Good thing it is at the bottom of the driveway and nowhere near the

I looked up Amorphophallus and Sauromatum, and neither seems quite correct.
Any suggestions?


Judy, longing to get out in the garden but there's still "stuff" to do
before I'm free.

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