Crinum moorei, what does it want?
Thu, 24 Jun 2004 04:34:19 PDT
I have C. moorei that grow a few in pots and other in ground: In winter I left dry the pots and the plants  loose the leaves but within february or march with the first warmth they begin to grow and they are blooming now with long stalk over 150 cm in semi shade and plenty of water. About the plants in ground they can survive to -5°C. If grown in full sun the leaves are green-yellow and less luxuriant.
Alberto Grossi
Zone 8

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Date      : Wed, 23 Jun 2004 21:38:29 EDT
Subject : [pbs] Crinum moorei, what does it want?

> Hi,
> What does C. moorei like?  I've read it likes half day sun, and a summer 
> dormancy.  Does it require a summer dormancy, or will it be OK if it gets 
> year-round rain?  I've got it in a 10-gallon pot in sandy humus-rich soil.  
> How about cold, how much winter cold can it take.  I don't mind if it loses 
> leaves but I wouldn't want to interfere with bud formation.  Last winter it 
> lost foliage when temps got a bit below 30 F.  
> Cordially,
> Joe
> Conroe, TX:  still more rain, about 10 inches so far in June
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