Lilium candidum, etc

Dirk Wallace
Thu, 17 Jun 2004 14:12:08 PDT
Hi All,

Lilium candidum grows brilliantly in my Mediterranean climate (USDA Zone 9),
although I find that it does not need a summer rest before coming into
growth in Autumn.

My plants are grown in a 12 inch pot with a predominately sand medium, and
have been in the same container for the past three years. The bulbs were
grown from seed and have gone from strength to strength. Last season they
flowered beautifully, and then proceded to set seed. Before the seed was
ripe the plants re-initiated growth and the basal leaves were near a foot
long by the time the seed was harvested.

So, in my climate, this species wants to be watered all year round with
slightly less water in the summer months, and I never let the pot dry out.

Kind Regards,


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