New book-Gardening with California Monocots

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 04 Jun 2004 17:57:34 PDT
Dear Lee,

I mentioned this book earlier to see if there was enough interest for a 
group order. There were five responses but I couldn't pursue it before I 
left on my trip. I may be able to get a discount through the chapter of my 
local California Native Plant Society. I just don't know how many copies 
we'd need to order for this. Since the hardback and the paperback are 
coming out together, the major discounters are not discounting the 
hardback, just the paperback. I'll put it on my list to investigate next 
week and then will contact the five people who wrote me to see if they are 
still interested. I haven't looked at the book, but know that good people 
were involved in the project that went on for quite a few years as they 
struggled to find money to publish it. Kristin Jakob let IBS use some of 
her Calochortus drawings from the book for a cover of BULBS.

If anyone else who hasn't contacted me wants to be on the list for more 
information if I do a group order without making a commitment, please 
contact me privately.

Mary Sue

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