Oxalis Check List

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 15 Jun 2004 21:34:58 PDT
Dear All,

I had an advantage in getting this since I spent a couple of days with 
David and Pat Victor in the U.K. and gave David the money in pounds to give 
to Richard. This is what David wrote about the old edition some time ago to 
the Oxalis list.

"The checklist can be obtained from Richard's home address which is 7
Crabble Road, Dover, Kent, England, CT17 0QD. He is not on e-mail."

I don't know what the cost of the new edition is since the booklist he 
included still has the price for the first edition which was £15 including 
surface mail. He lists airmail costs as £1-20 + 18 p each 20 gms over 100 
gms for USA, Canada, RSA, and £1-21 + 20 p each 20 gms over 100 gms for 
Japan, N.Z. and Australia.

David wrote: "Richard cannot accept credit cards. Cheques are a problem 
because of exchange costs, unless purchased locally and drawn on a 
correspondent UK bank.  Probably cash is best."

I also purchased the Checklist of the Tropaeolaceae which was 9 pounds 
including postage. David could tell us the cost of the new edition except 
he is traveling at the moment.

This place has the old edition listed and you don't have to worry about 
sending pounds:
That is the way I ordered the first edition. It took a bit of time to 
arrive. There is a sales email address you could write to find out if you 
could obtain the new edition from them and what it might cost. I would 
expect it wouldn't be too much more.

Mary Sue

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