Talks in the UK

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 02 Jun 2004 06:24:46 PDT
Dear All,

Rhoda and Cameron McMaster will be traveling in the United Kingdom and in 
Canada this month and part of the next. Cameron will be giving talks in the 
UK on Eastern Cape Plants for the Alpine Garden Society and for the Nerine 
and Amaryllid Society meetings in June. Cameron has really great pictures 
and is a good speaker. His enthusiasm for his topic is very apparent. I've 
been lucky enough to hear public and private talks and highly recommend 
him. In addition they are both lovely people.

The Alpine Garden Society meetings will be 50% about bulbs and will be in 
Southampton on June 5th and Epping Forest on June 14th. The talk for the 
other group is 100% bulbs (naturally) and will be June 12th. I have contact 
emails for anyone in the UK who wants more information. Write me privately. 
Sorry this is such short notice, but I just returned from my trip late 
Monday and am slowly catching up.

Cameron and Rhoda will be visiting with family in the Toronto area later. 
If there is anyone in our group who lives close to there and would like to 
connect with them while they are there write me privately and I'll give you 
an address where you can reach them as they have signed off of our group 
for now. Meeting people who share the bulb passion is one of the great 
benefits of this group. I have happy glows from the people I saw on my last 

I'll be writing more about my trip and responding to some of the threads I 
missed as I have time.

Mary Sue
PBS List Administrator

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