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J.E. Shields jshields104@insightbb.com
Mon, 14 Jun 2004 05:06:43 PDT
Hi all,

Some of you may recall that over the years I've had some interest in ex 
situ conservation of geophytes. Last year, we started a little cc-mailing 
list for Hymenocallis. This has been working out rather well so far. 
Everyone in the group has some Hymenocallis species already, has a real 
interest in growing and preserving Hymenocallis species, and is willing to 
share. I've been the usual distribution point, but others have also 
distributed materials on their own within the group.

If we were to call it by a formal name, I suppose we would have to name it 
something like "Hymenocallis Species ex Situ Conservation Interest Group" 
which is, obviously, too long and a bit awkward. So far, it does not have a 
formal name.

We have distributed seeds and/or small bulbs of HH. lehmilleri, cf. 
phalangides, palmeri, and probably a few others that I have forgotten for 
the moment. Some members of the group have sent out a few bulbs of things 
like liriosme, latifolia, and even a couple caribaea plants.

If you have a serious interest in Hymenocallis, and particularly in growing 
and conserving the species, you can contact me privately at: 

I am thinking of setting up a similar group around Haemanthus and Scadoxus. 
Anyone having interest in that group, please contact me privately. We can 
discuss getting something going. I don't have the personal resources in 
Haemanthus or Scadoxus to launch such a group on my own, so we need a few 
like-minded souls to do this for these two genera.

Jim Shields

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