Hardy Glads

J.E. Shields jshields104@insightbb.com
Sun, 20 Jun 2004 11:45:01 PDT
Hi Jim W. and All,

I have seeds on my G.byzantinus, illyricus, and italicus most years.  The 
colors of the flowers look pretty much the same to me (in memory), but I 
wasn't in town this spring when they bloomed, and they are not planted 
close to each other anyway.  I might be able to come up with some seed of 
these this year, in small quantities only.  Contact me privately if interested.

G imbricatus is a treasure!  It ought to be much more widely available and 
grown than it is.

All seem to be quite hardy here in central Indiana (USDA zone 5).

Jim Shields

At 12:31 PM 6/20/2004 -0500, Jim W. wrote:
>Dear All;
>         I have grown a variety of near identical hardy glad species under 
> the names G. italicus, G. communis and G. byzantinum. All do well, 
> multiply and are fine.
>         This year is the first bloom (from IBS seed,I think) of G. 
> imbricatus which is quite different from the others. It has also made 
> copious seed.
>         Questions:
>         1. Are there cvs of G. byzan/ital/comm in any color other other 
> than hot pink? Whites or darker red?
>         2. Does the G. byzan/ital/comm group ever produce seed? My G. 
> imbricatus has produced nice pods.
>         3. Can anyone provide sources for either G. byzan/ital/comm seed 
> or different color forms?
>         Thanks much.            Jim W.

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