Mystery Fritillaria + 3 new Frit Photos
Thu, 10 Jun 2004 20:25:23 PDT
Jane McGary wrote regarding the mystery frit:
>I would have to see the inside of the 
>flower for details, but my immediate 
>reaction was that this is a photo of 
>Fritillaria crassifolia subsp. kurdica. 
>However, F. graeca is extremely variable

I'm no frit expert, although I do enjoy growing a few species.  As an aid to 
the discussion about a possibly ID on the mystery frit, I added a photo on the 
PBS Fritillaria page of Fritillaria crassifolia ssp. kurdica, grown from 
bulbs from Jane McGary.  It's a sweetheart of a little frit.  To my eye, it does 
not look like a match for the mystery frit.…

I also added two other frit pictures.  The first is F. bythinica.  Mary Sue 
already posted some nice closeups of the flower showing the interior and 
exterior coloration of the flower; my shot was taken outside where the plant grows 
under a deciduous shrub.  I had no idea the plant was so tiny, so it looks 
rather dwarfed by everything located around it. Many shoots from young F. pudica 
bulbs show in the background (bargain-sized small bulbs from Jane McGary).  The 
second photo shows a young first blossom on putative F. wabuensis, grown from 
bulbs shipped from Chen Yi, in China.  It's another tiny frit, with flowers 
that are virtually black or blackish-red, with a blue-black sheen.

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