Wed, 30 Jun 2004 20:13:19 PDT
"OK, I give in! After reading endless e-mails about over-large and blousy
plants I never had the slightest intention to grow - and seeing numerous
pictures - I want some, please. I've had Crinum bulbispermum here for a
couple of years in the open ground and it does just fine. Where can I go to
buy some more of those hardy monsters that folks have been showing us? I'd
even be willing trade some 'proper' bulbs if anyone is interested.
Alternatively - if someone will go around to Jim W's and do the digging, I'm
sure Jim will happily give instructions where to dig!
Almost exactly my thoughts.  Only I have none of these lovelies and haven't
the faintest where to get some.  Something I can plant and leave to it's
own devises has great appeal.  We normally don't go below 10F. and our
summers rarely go over 85F.  Any advice on fragrant, hardy types and where
to get them?
Happy gardening,
Debra in Western Washington

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