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Jim McKenney jimmckenney@starpower.net
Fri, 11 Jun 2004 20:21:38 PDT
Scamp asked: 

>Can any one tell me what my oxalis will be called if the wild strawberry
>with the yellow flowers is cross pollinated?

Dar Scamp:

There are several possibilities:

1) If the Oxalis met the strawberry through an on-line dating service,
either the Oxalis exaggerated the size of its bulbs or the strawberry
fibbed about the length of its stolons. They will soon discover that it
takes more than fibbing to make things work right. 

2) Of course, it's possible that when the time came to swap pics online,
one or the other or both substituted for their own picture a selection from
the many fetching beauties from the wiki. That's a no-no: if you're a
barren strawberry, get over it and expect to meet only other barren
strawberries. And forget about the Fragraria crowd - you're not in their
class. If you're a well-lettered sour old Oxalis, get over it and expect to
consort with other sourpusses - and no cheating and ogling the sorrels. On
the other hand, if you're an unlettered, young, slacker Oxalis, my old ox
named Alice will probably bite you or stomp you. 

3) Progeny are unlikely, but should they occur, they will doubtless be of
one of the following nothogenera (there are, of course, other possibilities):

4) the nothospecies is obscure because the Oxalis parent refuses to provide
a DNA sample

5) Most likely, your Oxalis will be called the same thing the strawberry is
called: barren, because it ain't likely to happen. Other possibilities are:
exhausted, used, exploited, duped, had and so on in that sorry vein.

Hope I caught everyone in a good mood! Or rather, I hope everyone is out
partying on this Friday night, and this post provides a good laugh early
Saturday morning. 

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where I hope this post's
Saturday morning readers don't think it is a mockery of their Friday night

At 10:35 PM 6/11/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Diane and everyone:
>I am not asking about plants but must say you are quite interesting
>and interested. I don't have much to say as yet because I am playing
>around with all of the cool Oxalis plants, you know digging around.
>For some reason I must look in the bottom of the pots to see how or 
>why the plants are growing, especially since I dug up some sort of wild
>strawberry with yellow flowers.  That is a long story but at least I was
>curious.  Any how... my original question is, are you from the United
>several years ago I worked with some one by the name Diane Whitehead.
>Can any one tell me what my oxalis will be called if the wild strawberry
>with the yellow flowers is cross pollinated? I have just learned that this
>is worthless.  Yuk, another weed.
>Thanks All, 	
>> [Original Message]
>> From: Diane Whitehead <voltaire@islandnet.com>
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>> Date: 6/11/2004 1:32:24 AM
>> Subject: Re: [pbs] UK bulbs - anemone nem.
>> >I saw Diane's photo of her new Anemone nemorosa variant.
>> >There are two flowers in that picture. The one on the right is her new
>> >variant, right? But what is the one on the left? If that is Vestal, it is
>> >not like the Vestal I grow. Mine has a much shorter, tidier central tuft.
>> >I've heard that there are more than one Vestal making the rounds.
>> >Vestal broke her vows once or twice.
>> >
>> Jim,
>> The anemone I grow with the tufted centre is one that gets passed 
>> around here.  I've had it about 35 years and I can't remember who 
>> gave it to me. It was not growing in my grandparents' gardens, 
>> though, so probably isn't really old.
>>   No one ever had a name for it, unless someone called it "the double 
>> anemone", but when we saw some pictures of 'Vestal', Victoria 
>> gardeners decided that might  be its name.
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>> maritime zone 8
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>> sandy soil
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