Hardy Crinum - Planting depth

David Fenwick crocosmia@blueyonder.co.uk
Wed, 30 Jun 2004 00:25:31 PDT
>>>>So, given that my x powellii has pushed itself upwards not downward,
maybe they prefer to be at ground level here?  I'm just wondering now
whether I
have done the right thing planting my other Crinums as I have?

Hi Paul,
Let them do their thing, don't plant deep if you don't need to, they'll find
their own depth. I've seen Crinum moorei in the UK stack up like a huge pile
of canon balls (pic on the wikki), and they flower just as well.

Incidentally the opposite happens here with Amaryllis as I plant all my
Amaryllis  / xAmarygia here 6 inches deep, and always they come back to the
surface and frost doesn't do any damage to them at all; and they're in the
same soil that allows Crinums to pull themselves down.

Best Wishes,

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