Crinum moorei, what does it want?

Rachel Saunders
Wed, 23 Jun 2004 23:33:10 PDT
Crinum moorei comes from Kwazulu Natal, a summer rainfall area of South
Africa. It grows in quite deep shade in the forest, but will also tolerate a
fair amount of sun.  In its native habitat, it gets plenty of summer rain,
and is fairly dry in winter.  It is a strange plant in that it loses its
leaves during the rainy season when one imaginees that it should be growing.
In our garden in Cape Town it gets year round water and thrives. We have
some in complete shade and some in partial shade, and the partial shade
plants flower better than the others.
They come from a warm area that does not get frost, and I don't think that
they would like tempeartures much below zero.
Rachel Saunders
Cape Town

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What does C. moorei like? I've read it likes half day sun, and a summer
dormancy. Does it require a summer dormancy, or will it be OK if it gets
year-round rain?  I've got it in a 10-gallon pot in sandy humus-rich soil.

How about cold, how much winter cold can it take. I don't mind if it loses
leaves but I wouldn't want to interfere with bud formation.  Last winter it
lost foliage when temps got a bit below 30 F.


Conroe, TX: still more rain, about 10 inches so far in June
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