James Waddick
Wed, 09 Jun 2004 11:20:19 PDT
Dear all;
	Don't know why Veratrum are not more widely grown. They are 
very handsome plants. Few seem to appear in specialty nursery 

	A native species I have grown for years is V. woodii. My 
plant was originally dug from the wild in Iowa, but it is also found 
in east MO and I have seen it in around the AR/OK border. Apparently 
it gets E. to Ohio.
	Don't know if anyone sells it, but it is certainly garden 
worthy. Blooms every year and next round I'll send fresh seed to the 
seed exchange.

	V. woodii is a smaller plant with pleated leaves forming an 
upright shape. The flowering spike gets to perhaps 3 - 4 feet with 
many (hundreds) of small star-shaped dull brown flowers over a long 

	Best	Jim W.
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