Eranthis pinnatifida

Judy Glattstein
Mon, 08 Mar 2004 12:08:31 PST
Along with the more common yellow-flowered Eranthis hiemalis I have some E.
pinnatifida in bloom in the garden. They were raised from fresh seed sent to
me a few years ago from a friend in Japan. I sowed the seed directly into
the garden, in a couple of places, and all of them are now producing. There
were flowers last year, but I noticed them only as they were passing over.
Dainty white flowers with a central ring of "C" shaped structures ?stamens
maybe - at least there are two golden dots, one at each end of a "C" so I
make my assumption that's what they are, surrounding multiple violet stigma
in center. Very ethereal effect. Finely frilled grayish green leaf beneath
each flower. And glory be, even if I didn't notice them last year the bees
must have found them because I see little seedlings. Yay!

Judy, where today's snow circled around Frenchtown, but whitened other
nearby parts of New Jersey

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