David Sneddon
Fri, 19 Mar 2004 02:06:23 PST
Found this little beauty in three places along a road in an hour of travel by car (Midcoastal - NSW, Australia).…

Situ 1. Farm, buried deep in leaf matter and also buried shallowly on a rockly ledge. (Burnt off regularily). Small clusters of various sizes.
Situ 2. By the side of the road next to a paddock was wet. Wide patch of various bulbs.
Situ 3. Under the eaves of a house in an historic town where the gutters dripped over it. All large bulbs stacked on top of each to form a pyramid.
Account 1 is that the farm owners mother may have ordered the bulb over 70 years ago via mail order as she did this (must have been a bulb collector).
Account 2 is that the previous occupant of the house put the bulb in over 74 years ago.
Coincidence and likeliness that they knew each other, or they ordered from the same nursery?
29 inch (74cms) inflorescence.
5-7 inche flower stalks (to seed capsule) (19cms)
Flowes 3-3.5 inches long (8cms)
8-17 flowers on my two samples
Bulbs 6 inch (15cms) diameter.
Conical shape.
Flowers a bright deep pink colour. Red stripes and white lower outer segments.
Also I uploaded to the ABA gallery a few weeks back some pics of Amaryllis Multiflora and Crinum pics, which I wanted to also take the opportunity to bring to your attention.……

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