Leucojum fontianum/tingitanum (again!)

Pascal Vigneron v_pascal@club-internet.fr
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 18:16:28 PST

> Brian Mathew in the key in his 1987 "The Smaller Bulbs" distinguishes
> L. fontianum from L. tingitanum

Five years later, in the Kew Magazine (Curtis Botanical Magazine) vol. 9  Part 4 page
156-160, Brian Mathew write "Having compared Baker's specimen of L. tingitanum 
with fresh material [...] in my opinion, L. tingitanum Baker should be accepted as the
correct name for this interesting spring-flowering species, with L. fontianum reduced
to synonymy."

> Another key on the web, googlable via "leucojum fontianum"
> (two hits), says "L. tingitanum...broad leaves (4 to 10 mm)".

I have write this according the description in Brian Mathew's article in Curtis
Bot. Mag.:
"Leaves 4 or 5, synanthous, erect, rather thick, linear, canaliculate, prominently
striate on the abaxial surface, 20-30 cm long, 4-10 mm wide, obtuse, glabrous, 
rather glaucous. [...]"

> I'm confused. (this is nothing new) Do we have two species or one here?

I think we have only one species. (Perhaps it is lightly variable?)

Pascal Vigneron

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