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Thu, 11 Mar 2004 12:00:17 PST
Dear Paige;


I am loosing patients with my computer, this will be the third time I have tried to make this reply. But here goes again.

The information I presented and Mary Sue I think posted to the wiki was based on a trip I took about three years ago to Rome. I will provide two websites that will give a little more insight. The first is from Mark Cox and Paul Chase at the Jodrell laboratories at Kew. They have been researching many plants by way of Chloroplast DNA, but with a concentration on the monocots and have come up with some large changes such as separating the Iridaceace out of the order Liliales and putting it into the Asparagales, I believe they are now have a subclass lilianae. Their website is at http://rbgkew.org.uk/ibis/angiosperms/…  their work on the genus Iris was reported in a preliminary way at the conference in Rome and was subsequently published not long ago in the Italian Botanical Journal and I think the exact citation can be found at a very exciting website at http://mobot.org/MOBOT/research/… this website has the most up to date information of any I have seen and is
 constantly being worked on and updated by Paul Stevens. It is unfortunate that a number of other website with very prestigious credentials are so badly in need of revision. I still have not had a chance to get to the Missouri Botanical Garden Library to get you the exact citations, which Jane also requested. Also I wasn't able to open the above website today, either because of my computor or they are revising again. But it is well worth a visit. I have been just swamped this week and my turn at presenting the Iris came at a terrible time for me. Thankfully Jim Waddick and the others have been filling in nicely.

Pacific Rim <paige@hillkeep.ca> wrote:///Bob/ Pries's description and chart of a new set of divisions in Iris has
riveted me. Where has the preliminary research to which you refer been
published, please, Bob, and when and where will fuller supporting data be

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