Iris atrofusca destroyed

Kevin D. Preuss
Mon, 29 Mar 2004 07:23:13 PST
For whatever reason, these kind of projects do not have have qualified
biologists survey the sites prior to modification.  They just do not want to
pay the $ for an educated report? I have applied for several of these jobs
and they do not want to hire somebody w/ an MS. Or, perhaps they do not want
to have a challange and do not care what they destroy?  Probably a little of

This just happened here w/ an ancient population of Hymenocallis palmeri.
However, Jim Frechette and myself discovered the destruction before they had
progressed to far into the colony.  the city backed-off and allowed us to
collect the desroyed, uprooted plants.  Half were given back to the city's
botanical garden.

Kevin Preuss

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