REPLY: [pbs] Sun break photos
Tue, 02 Mar 2004 07:07:38 PST
In a message dated 01-Mar-04 8:25:56 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> ... now means any rain precipitation whatsoever, even MIZZLE (mist and 
> drizzle) of FIZZLE (fog and drizzle).

Mark ~

Being an ex-Minnesotan, we had all of that and then some, including other 
"regional weather specialties."  Often, in late winter when the soil was still 
frozen but had no snow cover, the winds in snow storms that occurred then would 
whip across the bare soil to produce SNIRT (SNow and dIRT), i.e., black snow. 

Dave Karnstedt
Sensibly ensconced on the Left Coast where, often, the occupation of choice 
during some of the winter months is hammering together an ark . . . at least, 
living in Minnesota, we never had redwoods fall across the road to crush all 
the occupants in a car.

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