Favorite Orange Flowered Bulbs--TOW

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 19:15:23 PST
It's difficult to know at what point a subjectively perceived color turns 
from "gold" to orange, but here are some ideas from the hardier end of the 
bulb spectrum.

Crocus olivieri is the closest to orange in that genus, and the clone 
'Zwanenburg' is particularly vivid. Crocus gargaricus can also approach 
orange. There is a clone of C. chrysanthus (I think) called 'Uschak 
Orange', but I would not call it orange.

Among the various color forms of Fritillaria pinardii that I grow, I have 
some plants from one Archibald collection that are quite orange in the 
interior. I was trying to photograph them today (not easy, as they are 
short-stemmed and pendent) and may be able to post a photo later.

If you want a small orange half-hardy bulb, Gladiolus alatus is a pretty one.

Of course, there are plenty of orange tulips, though I can't think of a 
particular one I like.

Crocosmias are often orange, but I prefer the scarlet ones, especially 
'Lucifer', the only one that is reliably winter-hardy for me (the others 
can be grown at lower elevations nearby).

My favorite orange lily is the "giant" form of Lilium pardalinum, which I 
grew in the woodland for many years until the deer found it last year. It 
requires moist soil and can reach 6 feet (2 m) tall.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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