TOW - Iris summary document

Laura & Dave
Fri, 12 Mar 2004 11:17:06 PST
Hi all!
      Two things on the TOW subject!  The first is WOW, what a great 
document and follow-up information.  I've become very interested (again) 
in the Iris (family and genus), and of course have been somewhat 
confused by all the names and purported names ( I wonder what my I. 
songarica will turn out to be??).  The summary document help greatly.
      On the subject of the summary, I obviously had no trouble getting 
it, the second try.  On our system, if you try to download a .doc file, 
Word is invoked, and you are presented with a choice of loading it into 
Word directly, or saving it as a file.  Loading it directly takes quite 
a while, and then you are unable to edit or save what you are looking 
at, although this may be bug in our system, better known in MS circles 
as a "feature".
      If you save the file to disk, then you can load it and do what you 
want to with it.  The save to disk only took 4.6 seconds, even on our 
slow dial-up connection.  And yes, either way make sure your anti-virus 
software is running and >current<!!
      I hope this helps some of you get the original file, as the 
formatting is excellent.

Peace and good gardening

Dave Brastow
The high today was 28.5 baud, with an overcast of Microsoft but an 
occasional burst of NetScape.

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