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Sun, 28 Mar 2004 13:26:13 PST
Rodger Whitlock wrote:

> Remember that the names in Leucojum remain validly published. You are
> not required to conform. Indeed, I prefer to think of these all as
> Leucojum since the English name "snowflake" covers them all.

They are indeed validly published - as are most of the combinations in Acis
(and the rest will be when the paper under discussion is printed). You are
welcome to call them Leucojum if your line of reasoning is at least as
reliable and repeatable as that of the professional botanists whose work
this is. By all means think of them as 'snowflakes' - but perhaps upgrade
your thinking to recognize that there are two sorts of snowflakes. Perhaps
more to Eskimos.

> But Acis is a very old name -- I think it predates Linnaeus.

The genus Acis was created in 1807  by R.A. Salisbury.

John Grimshaw


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