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Mon, 29 Mar 2004 13:20:18 PST
Mary Sue and others too,
As the pic you show is D. maculata, and other's I've seen are petiolate, is 
this one too?  Forgive the technical, are the stamens 3+3 in 2 ranks and ovary 
stalked but not at as much as in Ledebouria?  I am trying to figure out what I 
have.  It's an unknown Hyacinthid from Glasshouse Works.  The basic flower 
shape is that of yours, but the leaves are slightly different.  The spots are 
lighter, green underside, only 2, now one more after infloresence.  

Here is the work up - - - bulb epigeal 3cm, scales green with only the edges 
light brown, slight papery texture, not really tunicate, presently 2 leaves, 
somewhat succulent, spotted above, green beneath, not at all petiolate [leaves 
similar in coloration to Ledebouria socialis f. pauciflora, but spots larger], 
broad, ovate, 4.1cm x 7.6cm, infl. 17.8 cm, upright, 45+ flowers, tepals (6) 
white edged green keels 8mm, nearly campanulate, not fully reflexed like some 
Ledebouria, very slight pink at base, stamens 3+3, in two ranks, one 
distinctly shorter than the other, ovary appears to hold more ovules than Ledebouria, 
in ranks of 2 within each locule, axile placentation.  Anyone with a guess?  
Hopefully, I have a paper by Speta on the way to help.  Overall, it looks 
similar to Mary Sue's D.m. but the leaves on mine are broader and not darkly 
spotted.  It seems to be self sterile.  I've tried diligently to play pollinator, to 
no avail.  Regardless it's a nice plant.

"Bee" Well,

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