New Iris Classification

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 11 Mar 2004 20:47:35 PST
Dear All,

Mark Wilcox tried to redo Robert Pries document and save it as a rtf file. 
He thought that the problem was that the original document was saved in a 
newer version of Word and people who do not have that version might have 
trouble opening it. Perhaps the person who it was tested on has the same 
version of Word. One of the things I find most irritating about Microsoft 
products is that often new versions are not compatible with old ones so you 
have to purchase new software all the time  even when what you have works 
fine for your purposes. People who have Macs often don't have Word. It 
appears that the other problem with the document and this is true of Mark's 
redo too is with all that formatting it becomes  a rather large file and 
for some people this makes getting it impossible.

So for those of you who could not get the original and want more of the 
original formatting you can try Mark's version:…

Mary Sue

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