Southern growers

Elizabeth Leigh
Sat, 06 Mar 2004 10:07:19 PST
I'm not sure what was the question with regard to southern growers, but I currently have blooming, bulbs that I purchased this year.  They are Galgea, a couple of fritillarias and a hyacinthoide (spelling?) and Ipheon.  
The real test will be if they survive until next year.  So often when I purchase bulbs, they rot or just seem to disappear.  I'm never sure how much of it is how I planted them and how much is the heat, humidity and rainfall.  The bulbs mentioned earlier are in a large pot with lots of rocks and less soil than I would normally use.
As for wild growing bulbs, we have Louisiana Irises.  I'm told that it is like walking into a Monet painting around Lake Ponchatrain by New Orleans.  I've never managed to get down there to rent a boat and go see them, but it is definately on my list.  I also occassionally see Iris fulva, rainlilies, Trillium and Hymenocallis.  Probably the most unusual bulb that I've found growing wild here is Herbertia (H. lahue maybe) that I found in, of all places, the city park in dirt mounds that eventually got moved and destroyed the majority of the bulbs.  Every year, I go back to see how the population is surviving and collect a few seeds if possible.  I often see Alstromeria Psittacina, but I think it may be an escaped non-native.  
Baton Rouge, LA

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