Favorite Orange Flowered Bulbs

Kenneth Hixson khixson@nu-world.com
Fri, 19 Mar 2004 21:45:53 PST
Hi, Members
	Orange flowered, AND a favorite?  I don't think I can do this.
I do grow bulbs with orange in the flowers, so maybe they qualify as 
favorites if they are still here.  These are in no particular order:

Narcissus--Jetfire is smallish, early, lasts well and has an orange
	cup or trumpet, which is now "burning", as it has been out at least
	two weeks.  Itzim is similiar, but I do not like it as much.
	Geranium, a tazetta has orange cups and white perianth, and doesn't
	"burn" as quickly as many tazettas.
	Professor Einstein is a large cup-there are probably better, but it
	persists and doesn't "burn" much.  Curiously, it is planted in the
	planter strip between the sidewalk and the street, and it faces the
	street-narcissus usually face south to the sun.  Perhaps the trees
	to the south cast enough shade to make the street brighter.
	Probably helps it last longer before burning.
Montbretia, or crocosmia.  Vigorous, spreading, persistant. In other words,
	a weed, but a useful one.  There are probably better than what I have, 
	and more will be trialed.  Crocosmia Lucifer, tall and red, has not
	been very persistant.  Crocosmia masonorium did not survive, possibly
	in a spot too dry?
Hyacinth Salmon Queen--Not really orange, but a different color for a 
Kniphofia-I had, and lost, a solid orange flowered kniphifia, and would
	like to replace it.  For whatever reason, I prefer solid colors
	over bicolors.
Lilies--I've already gone on and on about lilies, so forgive me.
	L. henryi--valued as one parent of the aurelian hybrids, later 
	flowering than many, durable, persistant.  Leans, so shouldn't
	be planted by a walkway.
	L tsingtauense is a martagon relative, and has small but absolutely
	lurid orange flowers.  It is perhaps even more attractive for the
	mottled foliage, rivaling any trillium.  As the summer goes on it
	does fade.  This needs to be replaced, as it was probably the 
	victem of voles/mice.
	L dauricum is usually orange with some red and yellow.  An important
	parent of the asiatic hybrids, many of the early asiatics were
	simply selections of this species.
	Late wilsonii hybrid--distributed under this name, this has lived
	much longer than many asiatic hybrids.
	Hartford, one of the "Connecticut Hybrid" group of asiatic lilies,
	has lasted about 30 years.
	L maximowiczii is flourescent orange, tall and few flowered, and
	not easy.  Even hyrids like Viva do not like me.  Wishlist

	Ken Z7 western Oregon

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