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Robert Hamilton
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 02:26:16 PST
Hi  Dennis,

> That is a gorgeous photo of Tigridia pavonia.  I've never seen a 
> Tigridia with a color quite like it.  Could it be a hybrid? Or is it 
> definitely full T. pavonia?

I  think it  is  unlikely that it  is  an  inter-specific  hybrid 
because other species in cultivation have  smaller  flowers  and  would 
  likely  reduce  flower  size.  There  is a  uniformity of  size in the 
  various  T pavonia  I  grow. There  is undoutedly many  colour 
variations  behind the T pavonia  forms  as  demonstrated by the wide 
variety of  colours  from any  given  seed pod.

>    Was it a random occurrence or were you trying to develop something 
> like that?

I  was  looking  for  some  nice  reds  and  just   selected a  pod  
from a  good  red  at a  friends garden. It  has really  raised my  
interest  in this  species  and  I  will  sow  some  pods  from  
various  colour  forms to  see what eventuates.

> I'm jealous to hear you have Rigidella orthantha.

Its  a  nice  flower   although  short lived  like  the  rest  of the  
genus.  It  first  came to  my  notice  when  pictured in an  Alpine 
Garden Society Bulletin  some  years  ago  and  I  had to  have it.
I  hope  to  get a  flower  on T pavonia  x  R orthantha  next  summer.

I am also hopeful  of  having some  seed of a  cross  between T pavonia 
   and  T vantouttei which  I  hope  will produce  brightly coloured  
flowers with interesting  markings.

I  am really a species  person  but  Tigridia  seem  to  have  exposed  
some  latent  hybrid  tendancies.


Rob in Tasmania

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