[ALPINE-L] Misleading Photo in "Bulbs of North America"

Louise Parsons parsont@peak.org
Wed, 17 Mar 2004 08:41:05 PST
For those who don't have the pleasure of having the book at hand, the caption
beneath the photo reads, "Erythronium revolutum with mottled leaves, E dens-
canis with spotted leaves". The photo shows both mottled and spotted leaves
very clearly. Molly's erythronium chapter carefully differentiates between the
two species. By the way, Molly was still very much alive when the book was
written. I still miss her very much; she was a wonderful inspiration and a
mentor to many of us.

There is no sure cure for folks who would so superficially use photos to id
plants. A work that would "dumb-down" to completely address that approach would
be tedious reading indeed. When two species are similar, it is helpful to
detail diagnostic features.

Cheers, Louise
Corvallis, Oregon
cool mediterranean climate, rich alluvial soil, and lots of erythroniums :-)

On 16 Mar 2004 at 19:20, Rodger Whitlock wrote:

> Double-barreled message to alpine-l and pbs list.
> Plate 55 in "Bulbs of North America" purports to show a specimen of
> Erythronium revolutum with mottled leaves. Indeed, there are flowers
> that look like E. revolutum in the middle background, and leaves
> with prominent mottling in the foreground

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