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Wed, 31 Mar 2004 13:02:13 PST
On 27 Mar 04 at 18:02, Mary Sue Ittner wrote:

> Are you saying that the only two species that will be considering
> Leucojum are Leucojum aestivum and L. vernum?  Did I read that
> right? All the rest will now be known as Acis? How in the world do
> you pronounce Acis? Does the world follow what Kew proposes? This
> isn't a change based on DNA testing, but a change on the basis of
> physical characteristics? Is it possible that when DNA is done, that
> they will all be back together?
> I think I said it before but if the botanical names keep changing as
> rapidly as they seem to lately soon we will no longer be able to say
> to all those people who prefer using common names that using
> botanical names allows us all to know that we are talking about the
> same plant. How do we keep up?

Remember that the names in Leucojum remain validly published. You are 
not required to conform. Indeed, I prefer to think of these all as 
Leucojum since the English name "snowflake" covers them all.

But Acis is a very old name -- I think it predates Linnaeus.

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