Names and Fritillarias

Jane McGary
Wed, 03 Mar 2004 14:54:52 PST
I think the disclosure that there is a now invalid genus Orithyia settles 
the question of the origin of this name. I haven't grown Amana edulis (or 
Tulipa edulis) through I have tried seed a couple of times, without 

Jim wrote,
 >Your suggested etymology for Orithyia sounds good to me, too. I considered
>going the maenad route, but opted for the seemingly simpler mountain
>juniper. In any case, I think the maenad business is simply a metaphoric
>extension of the mountain juniper business. I'll bet that in countries with
>goats and sheep, there must be lots of metaphors and stories derived from
>the ability of some conspicuous plants to survive where everything else has
>been eaten.
>Jane, you are well ahead of me here in Maryland: Fritillaria ariana has yet
>to emerge above ground; in fact, even the most advanced frits are just
>little green noses right at ground level. I wish we were close neighbors -
>I might even let you borrow my Liddell & Scott. : )

Well, no, the word for 'maenad' comes from a verb meaning 'to sacrifice 
animals' (or unbelieving local kings, presumably). I have my own Liddell & 
Scott, thanks -- part of my undergraduate library.

I'm surprised that northern Oregon is ahead of Maryland, which is if 
anything a bit warmer in winter most years. Perhaps it has to do with when 
Jim and I, respectively, start watering? Here, F. eduardii, ariana, and 
stenanthera are well advanced, some of the Greek island species and lowland 
TUrkish ones are just opening, and a couple of Chinese species -- purchased 
from China via Paul CHristian and now flowering for the first time after 
years of struggle to recover from their circumaviation of the globe -- are 
about to open. The last, naturally, are completely mixed up as to naming. 
F. messanensis is opening in both the garden and the bulb frame.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

>Jim McKenney
>Montgomery County Maryland zone 7
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