Insect Pests, was Gladiolus on the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 08 Mar 2004 09:04:01 PST

Thanks Chuck for your help identifying my insect. Cucumber beetles are a 
huge problem where I live and they especially like yellow flowers.

This from Rachel Saunders:
"The beetle is what we call a CMR beetle, which stands for Cape Mounted
Rifles. The name is because the Cape Mounted Rifles wore uniforms with black
and yellow bands!  It is actually Mylabris oculata, and it is a serious pest
for crops and garden flowers. They eat the flowers and therefore destroy the
crop (eg beans, peas etc)."

In this case I think the common name is really delightful even though the 
beetle is not. I'll label it on the insect wiki page. Baby grasshoppers 
have been sighted recently in my greenhouse and outside as they hit on 
tender leaves, alas!

Mary Sue

>The bug appears to be a Chrysomelid beetle.

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