Favorite Orange Flowered Bulbs--TOW

Ann Marie mysticgardn@yahoo.com
Fri, 19 Mar 2004 14:12:35 PST
My favorites are, not in any order, Clivia Minata, Chasmanthe, Crocosmia, Homeria, Watsonia, Aloe, Kalanchoe, I know the last 2 aren't bulbs but they are blooming in my garden and they are very happy.  The Watsonia aren't in bloom yet but are a favorite.  I have homeria in orange and yellow all over the garden.  I also have a Clivia that has narrow leaves and salmon flowers but not sure of the name? My camera is broken, so I can't include a pic. Ann Marie, zone 9 or 21(per Sunset) Southern California, inland.  

Mary Sue Ittner <msittner@mcn.org> wrote:///Dear/ All,

There hasn't been much participation in this week's topic of the week. Does 
this mean there aren't many orange flowered bulbs or they just aren't 
favorites of anyone? When we did yellow flowers, some people said they 
didn't like yellow flowers and we still had a lot of nominations. We have 
more than 240 people on this list. Won't some of the rest of you share your 
favorites? And thanks to all of you who have.

Any chance we could see a picture of any of those Hippeastrums Kevin 
mentioned or the Daffodils Linda mentioned or Diane's favorite Amergate? 
Would you have pictures you could add to the wiki or have links for?

I thought we might hear from David Fenwick with some of his favorite 
Crocosmias especially after Jane's comments.

Mary Sue

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