Bellonia Tabrizianus

Joakim Erson
Fri, 12 Mar 2004 04:40:54 PST
I wrote a few days ago trying to check whether anyone would be interested in
seeds from Bellonia Tabrizianus. I havent heard anything from anyone yet.
Anyway, wanted to give you another chance. If I dont hear anything, I WILL
NOT pollinate it. I do not enjoy stressing my plants if it´s not necessary.
However, It´s a great plant, and quite rare, I think. It is interesting in
having jumped between genera ( namely Muscari, Hyacinthus, Bellonia...). Its
endemic to Tabriz, Iran, or so I´ve heard. It would warm my heart if it was
seen more often in cultivation. I still cant guarantee that I will succeed
wth the pollination though, becouse Ive never tried before:)

If you would like to have seed from this plant, then please write to me and
say so.

Best regards/ Joakim

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