Angelo Porcelli
Mon, 22 Mar 2004 10:27:49 PST
Dear Pascal,

I would make you note that P.illyricum is commonly called in Sardinia 'giglio di monte' that is 'mountain lily' as it dwells inland on hillsides, as opposite to P.maritimum which is the 'sea lily'.
Yes, you are right in that P.maritimum doesn't need sandy soils to grow well and indeed mine grow much better in normal garden soil, but I am at just 150m from sea, so I don't know if salt actually plays a role in flowering. The P.maritimum is still common on the sandy beaches of all south of Italy, but it is becoming endangered from the (stupid) habit of people during the holidays to collect the flowers, not allowing seeds formation. They don't last more than few days in a vase and they surely throw them away as soon as they are back home. Bulbs are more 'protected', because deeply embedded in the sand, even more than 40cm ! So, few people try to dig them under August sun, maybe with children beach shovels !! 


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