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piaba piabinha@yahoo.com
Mon, 22 Mar 2004 14:32:50 PST
very nice pics, john.  i just wanted to add two

macrostachys should be macrostachya.  it has one of
the largest tubers in the genus, i'm sure you've seen
the pic with the tuber next to a man's foot for scale.
 other big ones are bulbosa, lineata, sellovii.  

stricta is a junior synonym of elatior.  

as you know, although i'm a great fan of the genus, i
don't know that i'd call them bulbs.  they are more
like tuberous plants, although some are fibrous-rooted
shrubs and do not produce tubers.

here in NYC, several of my plants have awakened from
their dormancy, including speciosa, rupicola, aghensis
and sp. 'Ibitioca.'


tsuh yang

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