Narcissus vs. Daffodils

Brian Whyer
Mon, 22 Mar 2004 03:50:39 PST
The Oxford English Dictionary references Daffodil to Affodil, i.e.
asphodel, with the addition of the D as unknown.

Brian Whyer, zone 8'ish, Buckinghamshire, England
Where cold weather in February and March has held some species narcissus
flowers in suspended animation for 7 weeks or more.

> I did find a reference to the legend of Persephone, where she is said
> have picked Daffodils in one of the valleys near the gates of Hades,
but I
> found no concrete ground for the interpretation and question it's
> authenticity.  Surely, the passage exists, but it refers to Affodilus
> (asphodelus), which could be connected....or not!  It seems strange
that, in
> one Myth, Narcissus are the daffodils sprung from the self-enamoured
> boy-hunter, while Persephones blossoms are Affodilus, which may refer
> Jacob's Rod (Asphodeline lutea). There is a reference, as in soooo
> floral legends, that the flower now hangs its head in shame!  Hmmm.
> Affodil?  Could be.

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