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Robert Hamilton
Sat, 27 Mar 2004 02:26:17 PST
Hi  all,

I  have  uploaded a couple  of  images  to the  wiki  which  are  
approaching  orange  in  colour.

The  first  is   Tigridia pavonia  a  self  tangerine colour.  I  
wanted  some  red T pavonia's  so  selected  some  seed  from a  nice  
red flower in a  friends  garden. From this  seed pod  I  have  had  
some reds  with a pale  centre as  well as  self  yellows  and this  

Last year  I  crossed Tigridia  pavonia  with the  plant  formerly 
known  as Rigidella orthantha (now  Tigridia) and  harvested  2  seeds 
which  have  both germinated. I hope  there might be a  self red 
Tigridia in the  offspring.…

My  flower of  Lycoris sanguinea  is  more burnt orange  or apricot 
than the blood  colour its  name  suggests.…

The  cultural  discussions on this  forum  have  helped  me greatly 
with this  genus  with flowers  the obvious  reward. I  have   posted 
an image  of  Lycoris incarnata which  together  with  L  sanguinea  is 
  flowering for the first  time after  quite a  few  years in my 


Rob in Tasmania

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