winter i over

Arnold Trachtenberg
Thu, 04 Mar 2004 17:24:48 PST
Well after one of the coldest and seemingly longest winters in my 
memory  I can see the advance of spring.  The colchicum foliage is 
elongating nicely.  Two spring blooming Colchicums are show flower bud 
just a soil surface.  Colchicum kesselringii ( Ruksans) and Colchicum 
szovitsii "Vardaovit" ( Pacific Rim)  are  looking good.  I was 
especially concerned about the C.  szovitsii because it is new and 
untested in my climate.  Snowdrops have been up for weeks and on a warm 
day they inflate with pride.

Pictures will be forthcoming when available.  I enjoy the discussion 
about origins of botanical names and it should be a regular topic of 
discussion or even a topic of the week.

New Jersey

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