In memorium; Jack Elliott

Cathy Craig
Thu, 25 Mar 2004 14:04:48 PST
Thank you Dell, for posting the sad news about Jack. And thank you Arnold 
for getting us to bring Jack over for the annual IBS meeting, and for 
sharing the memory of time you spent with him.

I took a walk after reading the posts to think about Jack...what was it 
about him that inspired us so, that made us so fond of him, and such loyal 
friends? He was comfortable; he was comfortable wherever he was, with 
whomever he was with, and with himself and his life. He was ceaselessly 
optomistic. He focused completely on the person in whose company he found 
himself with by being genuinely interested, asking questions, and by 
conveying acceptance. He shared his life, his stories, and his feelings, as 
well as his vast knowledge of the plant world. He was utterly reliable and 
helpful to a fault. He was a class A diplomat and found good in all about 
him. I sent him postcards monthly for the last few years and gave him short 
news about PBS, the robin, our bulb dinners, and what little bits of 
information one can fit onto half a picture post card.  I shall miss him 

Cathy Craig EA

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