Calochortus seeds

Jane McGary
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 18:00:41 PST
Diane Whitehead asked,

>I've just sown seven packets of Calochortus seed from the NARGS 2nd round.
>Most seeds were brown, but two (C. splendens and C. longebarbatus) were 
>almost white, and I have noticed this before with some calochortus.  The 
>white ones germinate, so I don't think they are immature.  Does one of the 
>sections typically have light-coloured seeds?

Yes. In fact, I think the majority of them have white seeds that are 
"flattened" in shape, and these seem to germinate more immediately than the 
species that have dark angular seeds.

I was so used to the pale, flattened seeds that when I got seeds of the 
other type for the first time, I was suspicious of them!

Jane McGary

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