Leucojum JCA 630.480

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Sun, 28 Mar 2004 20:52:23 PST
in July 2001 Diana Chapman wrote:
J.G.Baker Handbook of the Amaryllidae:
Leucojum subgenus Acis which included trichophyllum, tingitanum,
longifolium, autumnale and roseum

I would much more confortable if indeed "Acis" was used as a subgenus.

Lauw de Jager

 27/03/04 20:38, johngrimshaw@tiscali.co.uk à johngrimshaw@tiscali.co.uk a
écrit :
> This plant is now correctly known as Acis tingitana, to follow the very
> sensible suggestion from botanists at Kew that all the small Leucojums with
> narrow leaves and unmarked flowers revert to the old genus Acis, reserving
> Leucojum for the robust, wide-leaved, green-marked L. aestivum and L.
> vernum. That nobody has questioned this extraordinary lumping (inb the
> 1880s, by J.G. Baker) in the past is really quite remarkable.

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