Call for Articles for Herbertia volume 58 (2003-2004)

Alan Meerow
Fri, 05 Mar 2004 17:31:26 PST
Dear Colleagues;

HERBERTIA is an international journal devoted to the botany and 
horticultural science of geophytic plants, published annually by the 
International Bulb Society 
 >. A special emphasis of the journal is the Amaryllidaceae and other 
petaloid monocot families rich in bulbous or cormous plants, but articles 
treating any aspects of dicotyledenous geophytes are welcome as well. 
Articles in HERBERTIA may be refereed (peer-reviewed) or non-refereed. 
Articles of a scientific nature (e.g., taxonomy, plant physiology) will 
usually be sent to at least two appropriate reviewers. Authors wishing to 
insure that their contributions will be peer-reviewed should indicate so 
upon submission. Peer-reviewed articles are indicated as so with a footnote 
in publication. HERBERTIA is an excellent forum for scientists to 
communicate their geophyte research to an intelligent and appreciative lay 
public. No page charges are assessed, and authors are also encouraged to 
provide generous amounts of color photographs with their articles without 
any charge. We are now soliciting articles for the next issue, volume 58. 
For more information and contributor's guidelines (also available on the 
web site), please contact the editor, Alan W. Meerow, USDA-ARS-SHRS, 13601 
Old Cutler Road, Miami, FL 33158; voice: 305 254-3635; Fax: 305 238-9330; 
e-mail < >

Alan W. Meerow, Ph.D., Research Geneticist and Systematist
USDA-ARS-SHRS, National Germplasm Repository
13601 Old Cutler Road, Miami, FL 33158 USA
voice: (305) 254-3635   fax: (305) 969-6410

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