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Sun, 21 Mar 2004 20:59:43 PST
Dear All;
	I am glad we are having a mini-round of comments on 
Helicodideros, a monotypic Mediterranean Aroid. I got a couple small 
tubers and grew them in a large pot for a few years as follows: 
Wintered in a frost free, but cool greenhouse. Summers outdoors in 
full sun and hot and dry after the foliage goes dormant in 
mid-summer. It first bloomed last year. Altough I could only detect a 
slight unpleasant odor, others were appalled. The flower is most 
amazing in structure as Angelo has shown, but he does not do justice 
to incredibly convoluted leaves. Like a bizarre origami project, the 
leaves are a 3 dimensional array or points, horns and surfaces. 
Definitely worth growing for the foliage alone.

	I have tried growing in outdoors here, but it has never 
proven hardy, unlike the closely related Dracunculus vulgaris which 
is coming up outdoors right now. Helicodiceros is coming up in the 
cold greenhouse and when the last chance of frost is over it will 
come out into full sun. It relishes ample water as it is growing, but 
dry later.

	This is a plant that was something of a challenge to obtain, 
but I have been fortunate to find the right growing conditions and 
spread a few propagules around. I'd love to grow it in a slightly 
milder climate outdoors.

		Best	 Jim W.

ps to Leo. My plant has never had foliage during the winter
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