Now: date issue, was: Re: [pbs] Chasmanthe floribunda, was Orange Bulbs

Jim McKenney
Wed, 17 Mar 2004 06:37:29 PST
Mary Sue asked:

>Jim, your messages are all dated March 17. Is this an Irish thing in honor 
>of St. Patrick's Day?

If not in honor of St. Patrick's Day, maybe as a consequence of the awful
headache I had on the 18th.!

I've been roiling my in and out boxes lately looking for particular
postings. I noticed that after sorting over and over, some of the fields
seem to be getting lost or, worse, line up with the wrong fields. 

Let's see what this one looks like when it comes through. 

Thanks for noticing (I probably never would have).

Jim McKenney

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