Iris--TOW foliage

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 12 Mar 2004 08:22:27 PST
Dear All,

I routinely cut the foliage back to the ground on some of the Pacific Coast 
Irises and every year on my Iris unguicularis as someone suggested you need 
to do that so you can see the flowers well. They all put up new more 
vigorous foilage. Someone I think  said this would be hard on the plants 
and they would decline as a result, but that hasn't been the case. Also I 
am surprised to read from John Grimshaw that the latter plant needs a warm 
site to do well as I wouldn't think my site qualifies as warm although it 
may get more sun than some of the parts of my garden. It certainly doesn't 
get sun all day and I don't live in a hot climate. But maybe he is talking 
about protection from cold in winter? Has anyone tried cutting the foliage 
of Iris lazica to the ground to see if you could see the flowers better?

Mary Sue

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