A collected list of desired seeds? - Revisited

Laura & Dave toadlily@olywa.net
Sun, 30 May 2004 12:49:58 PDT
Hi Elizabeth, Jane and all

      The idea of starting a desired seed list was put to the group, but 
only two people responded, although both positively.  This didn't seem 
like a great response, so I decided not to start the list.  Perhaps this 
is giving up too easily?  I'm still willing to coordinate the collection 
of the desired seed lists (e-mails).
      A Wiki page would entail everyone learning how to manipulate the 
Wiki pages, both to add and delete seed requests.  Also there would be 
the task of periodic page cleanup and restoration.
      How the seed would be gotten from grower to requester was also a 
bit of a question.  My idea was to simply let a grower know that a 
particular seed was wanted, so that it could be encouraged, harvested 
and sent to be included in a normal BX or SX.  Exactly how a person 
requesting seed should be ensured of receiveing some I hadn't worked out 
  yet.  Options are to send seed directly from grower to requester 
(extra work and expense for the grower), automatically send seed to the 
requester from the BX (extra work for the coordinator, duplication of 
orders, sending seed no longer desired), or an e-mail to the requester 
letting one know that the seed is available (a little exta work for 
either the grower or the coordinator).  I personally favor the last option.
      As in all things proposed, the initial idea is simple, but the 
details are problem.


Dave Brastow  (7A, wet after two weeks of mostly rain)

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