Fritillaria assyriaca images
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Fritillaria assyriaca
See Bryan, John E., Bulbs, Timber Press, 2002 (revised edition), pp. 236, 
237, Plate 512; see also Turner, R.G., Jr., Botanica, Random House, 1997, p. 384. 
 There are descriptions and pictures in both publications.

According to Bryan, Turner and other sources, F. assyriaca is usually 
misnamed and is actually F. uva-vulpis.  The picture in Bulbs is supposedly of F. 
assyriaca, and the one in Botanica is supposedly F. uva-vulpis.  Bryan states 
that there are two different plants but that uva-vulpis is usually misnamed as 
assyriaca.  F. assyriaca was discovered in 1874; F. uva-vulpis in 1974.

Hope I haven't confused the issue too much.

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