that USDA seed importation stuff again

Judy Glattstein
Tue, 04 May 2004 15:00:17 PDT
Here's an e-mail that came today. I'd corresponded (is that really the
correct term for an e-mail back-and-forth?) with Dr. Tschanz last year, and
it was thoughtful of him to keep me in the loop. Somewhat amusing, in light
of the discussions we've been having on this form. He is doing a good job of
"getting the word out" - at the North American Rock Garden Society's Eastern
Winter Study Weekend in PA last January he participated in a concurrent
session on this topic. Which apparently became so heated that Dr. Tschantz
felt it necessary to announce that his suit was made of Kevlar.

Judy in sunny, breezy, cool New Jersey where the flowering dogwood and
lilacs are in flower. Iris bucharica is going over, and alas, I did not get
pictures before yesterday's rain. Planting Tulipa sylvestris in a large
circular terra cotta drain tile ring apparently worked to confine its
rambling ways - it has 3 flowers. And T. hageri splendens is coloring up.

The rule change proposed by Plant Protection and Quarantine, APHIS, USDA, to
allow the importation of small lots of seed without phytosanitary
certificates under a plant import permit with special conditions has been
published in the Federal Register on April 29 and is open for comments until
June 28, 2004. This proposed rule docket can be accessed through the
attachment below or through the following link…  Directions for
providing comments to this proposed rule are detailed in the docket body.

If you have problem accessing  Docket No. 02-119-1; Importation of Small
Lots of Seed Without Phytosanitary Certificates, please let me know, either
at the above email address or by phone at 301-734-5306.

We would greatly appreciate your comments.

Thanks you for your continued interest in this issue.


Arnold T. Tschanz
Senior Staff Officer
Regulatory Coordination

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        Subject:        Importation of Small Lots of Seeds Without
Phytosanitary Certificates

Proposed Rule

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